Undergraduate Academic Advising Awards

2015 Initial Nomination Form with "Advising Philosophy Personal Statement"  (attached)              Due: Thurs. October 15 at 5:00p.m.                        
2015 Call for Nominations & Final Nomination Packet Due: Tues. December 1 at 5:00p.m.

Any questions can be sent to Michelle Koehler, Academic Advising Services Coordinator.


NC State Definition of Academic Advising

Academic Advising is an intentional process designed to support students as they develop and pursue educational, career, and personal goals.

The ultimate goal of the student-advisor partnership is for students to increase their personal agency and critical thinking skills, and apply both to their life choices in college and beyond. 

Academic advisors empower students to make timely and well-informed choices by helping them connect with university and community resources, identify opportunities, assess alternatives, and predict possible consequences of their actions. 

The ultimate responsibility for developing and pursuing life goals and for creating and excuting educational plans rests with the student.


Since 2002, the Undergraduate Academic Advising Awards have recognized the accomplishments and commitment of those dedicated to helping students succeed through academic advising. Since the establishment of the original award, three more have been added to acknowledge those distinguished professionals whose advising responsibilities may not be their only role with the university. Individuals who have previously won awards cannot be nominated for the award that they have previously won, however, they can be nominated within a new category.

The awards and criteria have been modeled to reflect the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) awards and Council for the Advancement of Standards for exemplary advising practices. Academic Advising Services' hope is that winners of NC State’s award winners will be carried forth in nomination to the NACADA awards. The NC State awards and their criteria are as follows:

Barbara Soloman Advising Award

The Barbara Soloman Advising award is given in recognition of dedicated service to students from a primary role advisor (academic advising should make up 50% or more of the individual's job duties).  Nominees of this award should have five or more years of academic advising experience at N.C. State.  The winner of this award will be a professional advisor who contributes to student success by going the extra mile to provide involved, holistic and developmentally sensitive guidance.   Advising load, personal philosophy of advising, commitment to advocacy for students, and evidence of student success and learning will be considered for this award. 

Previous winners of the Barbara Soloman Advising award are: Joyce Hatch, Phil Dail, Andrea Irby, Mary Alice Tetro, Cecilia Townsend, Mindy Sopher, Jacqui Hawkins-Morton, Betsy Alexieff, Sandy Stallings, Brian Koehler, Martha Wicker, and Jill Anderson.

*New Advisor Award

The New Advisor award is given in recognition of either a faculty advisor or primary role advisor who has been employed as an advisor for fewer than three years. Advising should make up 50% or more of the individual's job duties. The winner will be someone who shows evidence of a strong commitment to promoting student success through developing relationships with students, becoming aware of policies and procedures, referring students to resources for assistance, and commitment to professional development as an advisor. Advising load, personal philosophy of advising, commitment to advocacy for students, and evidence of student success and learning will be considered for this award. 

Previous winners of the New Advisor award are: Jenny Ellerbe, Anita Flick, Jennie LaMonte, Jill Anderson, Heather Duhart, Kimberly Franklin, Jennah Jones. Christina Hobbs, and Roy Stamper.

*New Faculty Advisor Award

The New Faculty Advisor award is given to honor an academic advisor who has shown exemplary service, but has worked as an advisor for three or fewer years.  The nominee’s primary responsibilities should include teaching and/or research, but a portion of the nominee’s time should also be dedicated to providing academic advising services to students.

Previous winners of the New Faculty Advisor award are: Jacqueline B. Golden, Anita Vila-Parrish, Joseph Palis, and Cheryl Cass.

Note: NACADA sets the cutoff date for the Outstanding "New Advisor" Awards as 3 years subtracted from the Award Program Year. For example, this coming award program year is 2016, so a "new advisor" would be anyone with an advising role hired at NC State from January 2013 to the present.

Faculty Advisor Award

The Faculty Advisor award is given in recognition of an advisor whose primary responsibility is as a teaching/researching faculty member.   The winner of this award will exhibit a strong commitment to student success through availability to advisees, commitment to guiding students in career and academic paths, and awareness of policies and procedures.   Advising load, personal philosophy of advising, commitment to advocacy for students, and evidence of student success and learning will be considered for this award.

Previous winners of the Faculty Advisor award are: Risa Ellovich, Debra Laefer, Clarence Smith, Michael Pause, Sandra Paur, Lisa Bullard, Candace Goode Vick, Jim Alchediak, John Morillo, Seth Murray, and Linda Williams.

Advising Administrator Award

Finally, the Advising Administrator award is given in recognition of an administrator who has oversight of an advising unit.   Nominees must have served as an advising administrator at NC State for at least three years prior to their nomination. The winner of this award will show advocacy for advisors in their charge, a commitment to understanding the advising process and student learning, and a commitment to using assessment to continuously improve their unit’s advising process.   Administrator’s personal philosophy of advising, knowledge of advising and student learning and development literature, articulation of appropriate advising vision, and evidence of results-based improvements will be considered for this award. 

Previous winners of the Advising Administrator award are: Phillip Moses, Marcia Gumpertz, Sandy Stallings, Shannon Carey, Carrie Leger, Keri Bowman, Karen Young, Roxanna McGrawMeredith Fosque, Kim Outing, and Lauren Brown.

2014-15 NC State Advising Award Winners

New Advisor - Erin Seiling (Life Sciences First Year Program)

New Faculty Advisor-Genessa Devine (Department of Textile and Apparel Technology and Management; College of Textiles)

Faculty Advisor-Susan Navey-Davis (Department of Foreign Languages and Literature; College of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Advising Administrator-Jane Lubischer (Department of Biological Sciences and Life Sciences First Year Program)

Barbara Soloman Advising Award-Millie Herget (First Year College)


2014-15 Selection Committee

Ayo Agunbiade (First Year College)

Cheryl Cass (College of Engineering)

Stephany Dunstan (Division of Academic and Student Affairs)

Alex Grindstaff (College of Sciences, *student representative)

Susan Lamb (Life Sciences First Year Program)

Tiffany McLean (College of Natural Resources)

Christina Prowant (College of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Bobby Puryear (Poole College of Management)